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    Unanswered: SELECT Query returns only 255 chars

    I am having trouble with an application, using VB6 and ADO to access an
    mdb file.

    The table has 3 text fields with 255 chars length each, when I do a query
    of the following form:

    SELECT F1 & F2 & F3 FROM Table

    The result is a recordset, but only the first 255 chars are returned.

    Anybody knows the reason of this behaviour or can give me an idea
    of what to do.

    I am concatenating the fields since the result is being used by a Spread7

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    It is because the String field can only take 255 characters. The 3 concatenated together make a string field. If you want them all use a memo field and then you will get the desired result.

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