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    Question Unanswered: how can ienter this to access fields

    i want to know how can i enter this to access fields
    x power 2
    or the simple of oxogin o2( the 2 in low than O)
    or any sympole of gases

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    Almost all Windows fonts provide what appears to be the SuperScript or within their respective upper character set along with many other characters such as , , , etc.. The first two character are not really SuperScript, just designed to look like it.

    To access these characters you need to enter their respective unicode number and this is done by holding down the ALT key on your keyboard and entering the code number from the numeric keypad on your keyboard. For example:

    ALT-0178 is
    ALT-0179 is
    ALT-0188 is
    ALT-0189 is
    ALT-0190 is
    ALT-0169 is
    ALT-0174 is

    To view these character sets for each font, use the Windows Character Map program which comes with the WIndows operating system (not necessarily installed by default though). By clicking on the desired character, Character Map will show you the require code number.

    X is the same as typing: X {ALT-0179}
    HO is the same as typing: H {ALT-0178} O

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