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    Unanswered: Required Values

    I there is a table and some of the values are set to Required.

    I have a form that is linked to the table. When I go to a new record on the form and then if I decide not to enter any data and go back to the last record I get bombarded with messages about how I have to enter a value. How can I make this problem go away... (If there is any way to do it without setting the table value to required).

    It does not seem like if you don't enter anything that it should affect whether or not the value in the table is required. Thanks

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    Do you have any fields that are autofilled to default values when you start a new record? This might make it think you're starting a new record. If you do, maybe you can turn it off until they've started entering data.

    In general, I don't allow people to add from the same form they use to edit existing records. I set the form's Add properties to no, and add a button on the form that they use to go to another form (very similar in design) for adding new records only. I'm not sure if this would change anything for your problem or not, though.

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