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    Exclamation Unanswered: Strange "Object not set" error in a query

    Helo everbody - I need some help.

    I'm using Access 2000...

    I have linked tables from Oracle database and Access 2000 aplication.
    I'm filling (via append query) a temp Access table named Zavodi, which is limiting my data when opening varius forms. Table data may be deleted and inserted many times in normal working proces. (I use delete and append query). Table's data are ID's of some records in original table - one column full of Integer data.

    The problem:
    On my computer (Win XP, Access 2000) is all working fine.
    On a different computer (Win XP, Access 2000) I'm getting "object not set" error when opening forms. I was looking for an error in my coding I got this:
    All these forms have table Zavodi used in their Record Source. When I remove table form query is all working fine. I can also open table Zavodi with no problem. But if I use it in a query - It's not working!!!!!

    Has someone some idea? I would need some help realy fast. What sould I look for?

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    Just compare your Preferences and that on the other computer. I think you use some objects or prefernces which are not installed there

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