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    Unanswered: Loading data into Oracle FASTER


    I want to insert some n rows(lacs of rows) into Oracle schema. The data is existing in a particular format. Those lines wud be read by a function in C and then this functino wud be inserting data into the concerned table. The data will be inserted in some specific tables - say 25 tables.

    The problem is that its taking tooooo long when we increase the number of rows in hte file. The format of the data is in TCN.

    Is there any thing we can do to increase performance?? So that we can have the data being INSERTed into teh tables in a faster manner.

    The indexes adn constraints are disabled at hte time of insertion.

    Does it have anything to do with the init and next extent size??
    Does it have anything to do wiht rollback segemnts?? M using oracle 9.2 rel.

    Pls help
    thanks in advance

    Ms. Abhivyakti

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    Why don't you use sqlldr to load the data into one temp table and write DB-procedure to distribute to other tables depending on your logic.... Ofcourse, you have to consider turning off constraints and indexes...Please check 9i's temp. table and direct path option in sqlldr.


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    The file can be directly accessed by SQL and/or PL/SQL if it is configured to be an external table.

    The only 100% SURE way to know why the load takes a "long" time, is to enable SQL_TRACE & run the resultant trace file thru TKPROF.
    Otherwise you are just guessing and shooting blindly into the darkness.
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