I am running Informix 9.40.UC3 on RH Linux ES V3.0. I have LDAP setup so I can login via telnet, ftp, or ssh using either a LDAP defined user or one from /etc/passwd. When I initially tried to connect to the Informix database I got an 951 error - Password incorrect or user unknown on server.
I tried contacting Informix, but they just told me to read the release notes concerning setting up pam in the sqlhosts file. I have, and I will admit I really don't get it because I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to specify in the sqlhosts file. I have tried both of the following:


With both of them I get the error message 1809 - Server rejected the connection, for both a LDAP user and for a non-LDAP user. The only user that works is informix, which tells me they have it setup so that user always works.
So has anyone successfully gotten Informix to authenticate using LDAP that can offer any hints on what I'm doing wrong?