Hi ,

I am using Postgres8 beta on Windows.I am using the point type data type.
I have a table as:

Geom (id int
geometry point);

I want to use a sql query so I get all the ids whose geometry point falls in the query window i provide.

Suppose the values are:

1 103.5,1.05
2 103.6,1.06
3 103.7,1.07
4 103.8,1.08
5 103.9,1.09
6 104,1.1
7 104.1,1.11
8 104.2,1.12

I want to find all points in the query window (box) I provide as: (103.7,1.07),(104.1,1.11)

I found a function ?# which finds the intersection of geometry object, but not sure how to use this.

Please could you advice on this
Thanks and Regards