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    Unanswered: Connecting MySQL to remote problem...

    Hi all!

    I got apache and mysql running. when connecting via localhost(PC 1), it got no problem. the problem came when i try to connect to the MySQL db to a remote pc (PC 2). i like to ask any help what should i do with this...and i just cant really figure out how come i cant connect to the other MySQL in the other pc...


    PC 1: Apache, MySQL installed/running perfectly
    PC 2: Apache, MySQL installed/running perfectly
    Network connections are flawless...

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    Could you describe how exactly are you trying to connect to myslqd at PC2.
    And any info regarding mysql version on both PCs, configuration and so on.

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    I just want to connect a MySQL db from PC 2 from my pc at PC 1. Installed on both pc's are MySQL v.4.0 and Apache 2.0.50. Configurations are basic, no strong security or whatever frills, just basic installation.

    The way i connect to PC 2: mysql -h PC2 -u MyUserName -p

    then....error connecting....error 10060 (if im correct) but when I try to connect thru localhost, no problems at all....any idea on this? btw, thnx for the reply.

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