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    Unanswered: AsaConnection Problem


    I've got a little problem. When I connect to my Sybase database with a webapplication I get two connections. When I do the same with a win32 application i get only 1 connection.

    This is the code:
    ' Dim myAsaConnection As New AsaConnection("...")
    ' myAsaConnection.Open()
    ' myAsaConnection.Close()

    Can someone help me with this?



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    Not sure why you would be getting two conenctions. perhaps if you posted the web app code I may be able to come up with something (the above code looks like the windows app code).

    One possible thing might be that you are not setting your connections to nothing (eg set ASAConnection=nothing) which will kill the object completely and perhaps IIS is managing some connection pooling...

    Like I said, without the code it is hard to say....

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    This is the only code the progam has. I've made a webapplication in visual, add a button and put code behind the button.

    What you say works but on a very strange way.

    I tried it earlier to set the connection to nothing and it doesn't work. I've tried it now and it works. But i have to restart my computerc change the code and test the connection. If it doesn't work right: restart computer, chagne code and test connection. Strange but true.

    Now it works fine. (but for how long?)
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