1: ID - Primary Key, AutoNumber
2: Object - OLE Object - This is where I put the BLOB
3: Filename - Text - Path of the file where I got the data for the BLOB from

I load the binary data of the file into the BLOB field via AppendChunks. That part is just fine. I can even copy the data and save it as a file on my hard drive, no problem.

Now, my question is after I have loaded the fields with the appropriate data (ex. - 'Object' field is filled with the binary data, 'Filename' field has some text in it that represents a file path) and let's say I want to delete that particular record I just loaded, how do I get rid of the binary data from the database file?

I have tried going into 'Datasheet View' of tblTest and delete the record that way but the database does not decrease in size. I have also tried the 'Compact and Repair' way to decrease the size but to no avail. There must be a way to get rid of the binary data while deleting the record at the same time via VBA code. At the moment, I am willing to entertain any suggestions. Please, does anyone have any ideas? If you need more information, I'll try my best.