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    Unanswered: Oracle Portal Changing IP address

    I am aware that "It is not possible to change the Hostname of a 9.0.2 9iAS installation. Current documentation gives the misleading impression that the IP and Hostname can be changed after install. Change Hostname is not supported in 9.0.2 and no work-a-round exits.". Currently I am developing portal applications on a test machine. But soon i will need to migrate on a production machine that has a different static ip address. So I will install portal on that machine too. But can I somehow port my application to the new machines too? Is export/import utility the way to go?

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    >Is export/import utility the way to go?
    It is the best you can do, but the challenge to is properly identify EXACTLY what needs to be exported; no more & no less, then the import is trivial.

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