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    Question Unanswered: can't trace status = 6 (urgent)

    Hi Guys,

    Need your help here, I really don't know what to do with this.
    When I'm in Visual Basic Editor and run the program, it works
    fine no error messages. But when I make the exe file then run
    it I get the error status = 6 which is invalid key number!

    I've checked the variable, assigned zero before calling the btrcall function
    just to make sure that my KEY NUMBER is correct, nothing happens the
    same status.

    I'm using API in Visual Basic and issuing a command GET GREATER THAN
    OR EQUAL. Below is the sample code:

    Public Function Wspnitem_GetGrEq() As Integer
    BufLen = WspnitemStatSpec.RecLen
    KeyBufLen = Len(WspnitemKeyBuf0)
    WspnitemKeyNum = 0
    WspnitemStatus = BTRCALL(BGETGRTREQ, WspnitemPosBlk, WspnitemBuffer, BufLen, ByVal WspnitemKeyBuf0, KeyBufLen, WspnitemKeyNum)
    Wspnitem_GetGrEq = WspnitemStatus
    End Function

    I really need your help guys! Appreciate any inputs!



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    How many keys does the file have? Is the EXE opening the same copy of the data file as the program in the IDE?
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