i install the oracle10g on redhat9 box,JUST finish the installa[/B]tion,i open the Terminal windows,type ¨sqlplus¨ command,linux tell me ¨commnd not found¨. i guest the installer don´t set the env variable (in windows operating system,the installer automatically set the path variable during the install procedure).i can SUCCESSFULLY access the browser console of em and isqlplus.

but after i restart the redhat,the browser can´t access both of em and isqlplus(connection reset).when i telnet the 5500 and 5560 port,i found that they haven´t be open.and i suspect that the oracle database haven´t been automatically started.

question 1:how can i MANUALLY start oracle after i restart the linux?
question 2:how can i config the oracle after the install to make it work perminently?or post-install configuration.