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    Unhappy Unanswered: search box help

    I'm currently using a combo box within a form to make a search on a record. I can either type in the first name or use the arrow to show me all the record that I have.

    The database has become too large and I find the combo box a little clumsy. What I'm after is a box where I can type in the first name and if need be a last name too and then click on a button to make the search.

    I'm getting the info from a query and the fields names are FirstName and LastName from a table called tbl_Volunteers.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm ok on Access, but have limited knowledge on the scripting side.

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    Other options

    Does anybody have any other ideas on producing a good search box???

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    if you want to go that route of using FirstName, lastName search boxes, use Like statements, so

    SELECT Firstname FROM Table WHERE Firstname Like "*" & Form.FirstNameField & "*";

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