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    Unanswered: SQL Question

    I have a query:

    select b.operator_id, a.trade_code
    from rhm_operator_trades a, rhm_operators b
    where b.operator_id = a.operator_id
    and b.operator_id = '90177'

    which returns:

    90177 38
    90177 45
    90177 50

    Is it possible to get the following output from an SQL query
    90177 38,45,50

    i.e. all the trade codes are concatenated onto one row, against the corresponding operator id record.

    I can produce this result in a PL/SQL loop, but I really need to get this output from a single SQL query and I can for the life of me see how it could be done.
    So any help would be appreciated.

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    By the wat this is on an Oracle DB

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    It was discussed on the Oracle Forum just a few days ago. Read more about it here.

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