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    Unanswered: comparing and replacing


    I'm very new to access, but i require a certain solution for a part of a problem: a sporting event.

    The solution needs to be able to compare the times of the new runners to the time of the record, and if they are faster, then it should replace the record time etc. I have no idea what is the best (and easiest) way to go about doing this.

    I'd really appreciate any help. thanks

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    How are your tables set up? The way to go about this iss to do an update query
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    I'd always go for VBA for complex-ish problems such as this. You can set-up a simple IF statement

    IF Runner Time is less than record time THEN

    Replace Record Time with Runner Time

    Its pretty easy really.
    I usually use Recordsets for Editing data, but as DavidCoutts said, it kinda depends on the table structure.

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    Thanks, all your help came in useful. I know where to begin now.

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