I am trying to find a way to display MS Word documents in a report.

The user needs to select a document to display as a report using an access aplication. The only way I can think of doing this (format is important) is linking OLE objects.

Unfortunatly OLE objects only display 1 page of any document and I have not found a way to display more than 1 page.

Also, when I create an OLE object it sets it as read-only and does not allow me to edit the properties to dynamically link a file, hers what I'm trying to do:

Dim path As String

path = PathBox

OLETest.OLETypeAllowed = acOLELinked

OLETest.SourceDoc = path

OLETest.Action = acOLECreateEmbed
where OLETest is a new OLE object created in the detail section of the form.

It stops at the action property with run-time error 2793 "Microsoft Access cant perform the operation specified in the Action property of the Visual Basic procedure you are trying to run"

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.