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    i am newbee to oracle 8i. i want to move my complete database with all roles,privs ,tables,data to an oracle residing on another machine.

    how can i use this using oem? please give me an elaborate help


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    Home machine:
    > exp sys/syspw file=db.dmp

    Another machine:
    > imp sys/syspw file=db.dmp

    If it is a newly created database, syspw is "change_on_install".

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    Just an additional point for the newbie. You want to do a full database export and a full database import into an empty database. When you get done, your passwords and schemas will be the same as on your old machine. Also, make sure to pre-create your tablespaces with the approporate sizes to hold your copy of the data.
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    Using OEM, right-click on the database in the left-hand pane & select Data Management, then Export, & go through the wizard.

    When importing it's the same except, of course, you select Import instead of Export, & again go through the wizard.
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