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    Unanswered: Improve my database and system

    Can anyone make any recommendations or improvements

    Briefly, the system I have been designing and building is for a Paperless Office. I will be scanning paper files and saving them as pdf files (already started some to see how well they work)

    For years paperless office is supposed to have been started or developed but never any progress so Ive taken it upon myself to at least try. I went to college on a night part time and learned some programming, database-relational,web design etc and thought I could use the bits of knowledge I had to build a system, with help of course, and for those who have contributed so far appreciate alot.

    Anyway, in my Office, paperwork is filed based on a 1-57list of subjects (there are other groups of filing but to start with these are the main areas, I can add further tables etc in the future if it gets off the ground), all correspondance is assigned a subject that it will be filed on. Some paperfiles just have the correspondance added into the back in date order. Others are broken down into sections with indexes e.g locations, dates or incidents etc.

    In my systems case ive concentrated on the ones that would be accessed the most and have many to scan


    In my database I have some tables that store data that will need to be entered into records and so lookup.

    For each paperbased file, I am going to have a record in the relevant table detailing about the paperfile and then using a hyperlink field entry to actually allow access to the pdf file. For Files that are broken down into sections, these will all be given their own Record Entry and associated link to the pdf.

    If you download my DB and look, you can see i have three Input Forms on my startup form to enter into the tables. Also two Search Buttons requiring entries, (both look into separate tables as needed)

    And two combo boxes and an Apply filter. When the selections are made in the combo boxes, the filter then searches through the table for records that have exact match to those two selections. The results are then displayed in the subform on the page. (results from the search buttons also display their results in the same Form.

    Can anyone make any recommendations, ideas or changes that you think would benefit the system?
    Ideally if the I.T people at work want to look into my database, Id like it to be in as good shape functionally, clean code and maintainable so that there wouldnt be any errors when hundreds of entries have been made etc. I dont want them picking up alot of minor things to say why they think it is rubbish, plus it would look good for me to my bosses if it works.

    I do have a couple of issues regarding how to create my hyperlink destinations when they may be stored on cd/dvds. If i would have a copy of the db stored on Disk with the amount of pdfs that would fit onto the disk, or If I would have one main database, and then the User would have to insert the correct disk to access the hyperlinked file. I will probably give this area more thought in the future as I know all the scanned files wont be allowed to be stored on the networks as it would take alot of space in the long run. Maybe a small amount but the majority, especially older files saved to disk where they are less likely to be accessed. Also how I would make my database available across a network is that possible, it would only initially be for 2 or 3 people. I dont know the possibilities you see, mainly if someone wants to look for a scanned file in the future, they would come to a central point like my office and ask to find it rather than letting loads people access everything. The RC-PLI TabLE records would maybe need to be looked at my some people regularly but thats all.

    Id like to hear anyones opinions on what I have come up with so far, the questionable areas ive mentioned and what best to do next.


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