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    Hi everybody

    I have created tables in oracle 9i under a user using DTS in SQL Server. (i have exported from sql server to oracle 9i using DTS) . When i query select * from tab , it list al the tables created . But when i desc the structure of table or select * from table_name ,it shows object or view does not exist. what will be the problem ?
    pls reply

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    Well this is more of an Oracle question...but I think the answer lies in the fact of the "user" (which in sql server is like the owner) who created the table.

    Plus I wouldn't do it that way...

    I would create all of my objects using DDL, bcp the data out to a pipe delimited file, copy the data to the Oracle box, and then use sqlLoader to populate the table.

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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