I have Active State Perl and PPM v3.1 running on my dev machine. The c:\Perl installation directory has a c:\Perl\repo directory and I have the PPM configured to see this local directory, which, of course, I have verified using "repo desc [3]." According to everything that I've been able to gather (i.e. web forums), I should be able to install Perl modules from my local directory and/or using the Active State Repositories.

However, I cannot install any of the packages located in my local repository and consistently get- "Error: no suitable installation target found for package <package name>."

I can install most of the packages in the Active State Repository. However, I am getting the same error (i.e. no suitable installation, etc, etc...) for a few of the packages that I'm trying to install. More specifically, I cannot install DBD-Sybase.

What am I missing?

My guess is that the DBD-Sybase package is not compatible with v5.8.4. Is anyone else using these two together? Why am I unable to install packages from my local repository? I can pick them up in my PPM search (it finds them in my local repository), but informs me that there is no suitable installation...blah, blah, etc... Yet, I could install many of these same packages from the Active State repository (online).

I certainly do appreciate any insights and/or solutions this problem. Thanks.