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    Unanswered: Problem Exporting PDF/Registering DLLs

    I ran service pack 3 for v8.5 last week, now I can't seem to export to PDF. Export to other formats (Excel, rtf) works okay. When I try to PDF, I get error: "Failed to export the report."

    Per B.O. support site, I registered exportmodeller.dll, but other specified DLLs are not registering. In particular:


    When I try to register, getting this message:
    "[filename] was loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found. This file can not be registered."

    Any knowledge/assistance on this would be appreciated, as I send about 95% of our reports through Adobe!


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    export to pdf fails

    this is issue with win 98 that i know
    i1 thing to check
    do you have any image field on your report?
    if yes then make sure that image is not null i mean there must be some value(image ) in that field

    and if you are getting from databse then set condition
    right click on field and go to format and ther set condition for suppress
    so if image is null then it wil suppress field

    if you apply all the patches and stuff then shouldn't be prob cuz thats what i did

    if nothing works then best is to ask business objects (crystal reports guys)


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    If you get an error message to the effect that the DllRegisterServer entry-point cannot be found, then there is something wrong with the request: the DLL apparently isn't an OCX. Contact technical support.
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