Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am very new to database structure and have fallen into a position where I need to figure out a monthly reports database setup. (due to the other employee leaving, I am the only computer person at this company)

I will try to be specific, please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area as I seem to need more than just a 'crash course' to get this ball rolling...

We use an iCode EVEREST software program, tied into a SQL database, connected via OBDC to my Access front end. I have an Access file that is called 'Price Lists' --> when I open it, I get the Access database format screen where I can select between Tables, Queries, Reports, Macros, etc... I have a number of 'Tables', 'Queries' and 'Reports' that have already been created by the previous employee. We run monthly price lists here for our catalogs and this is primarily what these reports and queries are used for. I run a report, it queries the database and is supposed to add 'new products' from our Everest system (which is tied into the SQL enterprise manager) automatically into this report when it is 'created'.

We have added new items to the SQL database through the EVEREST program. I can run 'other' reports and see these new items shown in a 'master list' of products that we have. We have 1 specific report we run that formats it into a nice display for printing, etc. When I run that report, it does not pull the new products from the SQL database and include them in this query. I am sure there is something very simple causing this as each month, a new 'query' or 'table' was made to run the report from that had certain criteria specified that filtered some of the data.

I cannot get this report to retrieve any of the new items in our SQL database. Here is a breakdown of the files and tables and queries involved...

Report is called 'Master Scale'
It's 'Object Dependencies' that it depends on are:
- Queries: Scalemaster
- Table: Scales_September

I can go into the Table of dbo_ITEM_CUST_LEVEL_DETAIL and see the new products that we added into the SQL database in this table. When I run the report or query for it, it does not include those new items, even though the criteria and things are just the same as the other 'shown' items.

I am at a loss. I see nothing setup to filter new listings, etc... does anyone have anything to offer here? I can post more information as required since I am not even sure what is important and what isn't. I understand that I am not a DBA, but I have gone through SQL courses and have an MCSE, but I primarily do web development work and this is a new 'thing' for me.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,