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    Unanswered: Newbie Oracle Question


    Im in the process of converting our postgres database to Oracle.
    Does Oracle support inherited tables

    for example (postgresql)
    CREATE TABLE "conact"."name" (
    "primary" SERIAL,
    "firstname" TEXT,
    "middlename" TEXT,
    "surname" TEXT,
    CONSTRAINT "name_pkey" PRIMARY KEY("primary")
    ) WITH OIDS;

    CREATE TABLE "conact"."staff" (
    "conactnumber" Integer
    ) INHERITS ("contacts"."name") WITH OIDS;

    can find anthing in Oracle's help so im guessing its not supported

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    I don't know much about postgres, but the OID is described as "internal unique object id", so it sounds similar to the pseudocolumn 'ROWID'. you can always select the column ROWID together with all the other columns. But be cautous using this special Column, do NEVER use it to reference to this column, or you'll crash your data integrity after the first export/import.
    But your construct at all seems similar to a CLUSTER, maybe [1] (free registration required) might be a starting-point to read about the concept of clusters.


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