Hi guys,
I have an unusual problem, but I will try maybe Iíll be lucky.
Iím working on DVD rental (catalogue) application with Flash MX 2004, Flash Studio Pro and Using MS Access Database. Iím almost done except the part where I want to make exploring movies by name of actor/actress.
Actually whatís happen: Iím getting records (items) from DB and add to the ComboBox component of Flash, and this part going well, but I cannot resolve the part where I need to full List component with movies in which plays intended actor/actress.
I use separator to get items from DB and after I use this command to tell FSP to get all rows where name ďTom CruiseĒ appear.
I have function that shows items in List Box component but it doesnít matter.
My problem is here:
I put records into Combo on next way:
and after I use some variable to choose the names:
variable = evt.target.selectedItem;
then coming main part and my problem actually:
fscommand("flashstudio.selectfromdb", "\"SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE actors='"+variable+"' ORDER BY naslov ASC\"");
Where Iím wrong, tell me if someone know, cause I have similar option within app and it works perfectly with an array and exploring movies by first name of movieís title.
Sorry if I boring,
Thanks in advance