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    Unanswered: multiple condition

    lets say i have created 5 drop down menu and also a 6 columns datas. now i want my work to show a value with the 5 values which i have chosen in the 5 drop down menu


    after all the 5 drop down menu have been chosen a value, then how i create somethin like it check this 5 values wiith the 6 columns database and then return the value in the 6th column of my database??

    i tried using vlookup and it onli can check 1 column only

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    If I have understood what you are looking for, SUMPRODUCT will allow you to do this:

    If your conditions are in row 1, i.e. $A$1, $B$1, etc.

    =SUMPRODUCT(($A$3:$A$10=$A$1)*($B$3:$B$10=$B$1)*($ C$3:$C$10=$C$1)*($D$3:$D$10=$D$1)*($E$3:$E$10=$E$1 ),$F$3:$F$10)

    Note that the rows have to be identical (in this case, rows 3 through 10). And you cannot use the generic A:A as a range.

    This finds all items that meet criteria 1 in cell A1, criteria 2 in cell B1, etc., and then this will sum all values in F3:F10.

    Adjust your ranges as needed.
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