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    Angry Unanswered: help with select query

    I need help with a select query.I have a VisualBasic application using Access.

    ACCESS.300611111 = LabelsPrinted.FirstBoxNbr
    this is what I will be searching a screen by,but at the moment this is completely ignored and it get a list of all the results

    SELECT CustomerDetails.CustomerCode, CustomerDetails.CustomerName, LabelsPrinted.PrintedWhen, LabelsPrinted.FirstBoxNbr, LabelsPrinted.DispatchTime FROM CustomerDetails INNER JOIN LabelsPrinted ON CustomerDetails.CustomerID = LabelsPrinted.CustomerID WHERE (((LabelsPrinted.PrintedWhen) Is Not Null) AND ((LabelsPrinted.DispatchTime) Is Null))

    How could I change this query,if possible, to include that field LablesPrinted.FirstBoxNbr LIKE (%1%) but I only this to be able to look at this much ACCESS.3006 from the field and do a successful search, obivously that code can change and be something like (ORSTEW.3006)

    By the way Access only stores data, Comms.ini is where we keep all the queries.

    I hope this makes sense.

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    Instead of using LablesPrinted.FirstBoxNbr LIKE (%1%), you should use LablesPrinted.FirstBoxNbr = ("*1*").


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