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    Unanswered: displaying summary from tables into form

    I am new to Access and I am having problems displaying summary data from various tables within a form.

    I have a main table with the primary key BCNO and I have two smaller tables, LOCAL and DISTANT both of which have 3 fields, BCNO, DATE and LOCATION and there can be multiple entries for the same BCNO in each table.

    I would like to display in a form for each BCNO in the main table the first DATE and corresponding LOCATION from both LOCAL and DISTANT tables and to identify which occured first LOCAL or DISTANT.

    I have generated two queries to produce the first local and distant occurances but the message #name appears if I used the information from the queries within the form I am designing.

    Any ideas on how I couls achieve my aims


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    What method are you using to attempt to bring two queries into the report? YOu can't use two datasources on the same report without a little work...

    You may also want to look at the DMax() function.

    Oh, and consider combining your two tables into one table, and using a category_id to differentiate between local and distant, it will make it easier for you later.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Thanks for the information. I had thought of combining the two tables into one which may give me more flexibilty but at the moment I am trying to convert our databases held in an old SMART system where the two tables are held separately.

    Will look at the DMAX function

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