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    Question Unanswered: Datetime Format

    Hi, i'm new in this forum
    I've a strange problem. I've a datetime field that doesn't come updated properly.

    With this code

    UPDATE table SET field = '2004-09-02 10:48:15' WHERE field2 = 1

    the new value of field is

    2004-09-02 15.__.__

    why ???!?

    p.s. : sorry for my english..i'm Italian

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    Hi, M! I am new, too. The SQL looks okay to me, so that makes me suspect the field type or field configuration. Try submitting to TEXT/BLOB field instead to double-check and then create another datetime field and try again...

    UPDATE tablename SET fieldtextfield = '2004-09-02 10:48:15' WHERE field2 = 1

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