Morning Ladies and Gents. I've run into a prob and need some guidance.
I've created an HTML form that POST's info to a php file . From this
php file i populate various MySQL DB's but it's the last step that i need help with.

Through the POST several variables are assigned and i need these variables mailed to several addresses determined by the SQL Query. Script Follows.

$location = "XXX";
$username = "XXX";
$password = "XXX";
$database= "XXX";
$conn = mysql_connect("$location","$username","$password") ;
if (!$conn) die ("Could not connect MySQL Server");
mysql_select_db($database,$conn) or die ("Could not open database XXX");
mysql_query("select mail from $GROUP where mail like "%"");

What i need to do next is to query a table determined by $GROUP, the actual query is "select mail from $GROUP where mail like "%" . This will retrieve all the e-mail addresses in that table . I then need to e-mail all the addresses from that result , i guess the mail ( "$RecipientfoundinDB", "NetAlert","Blah"); comes in here . Any ideas