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    Unanswered: service pack

    How can i know what service pack is install on my db, SP3 or SP3a.
    When i check the properties on the db there is SP3.

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    I'm not sure of the functional differences between SP3 and SP3a; at one time I may have know, but I have forgotten it. My SQL 2000 to which I know that I applied SP3a also says SP3 on the properties page.


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    Perhaps SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('ProductLevel') gives a distinction? Not sure, can't try.

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    To determine whether you have SP3 or SP3a installed, look at the version number of the Net-Library file, Ssnetlib.dll. If the version number of this file is 2000.80.760.0, you have SP3; if the version number of this file is 2000.80.766.0, you have SP3a.

    Assuming that an instance was installed using the default settings, you can find the Ssnetlib.dll file in one of these locations:
    • Default instance: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\Binn\Ssnetlib.dll
    • Named instance: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$<InstanceName>\Binn\Ssnetlib.dll
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