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    Unanswered: Interesting Report Grouping issues

    Good morning every one.

    I tried by my self for more than 3 hours with no luck. Please help me.

    The biggest problem I have is the Mortgage grouping.
    If you open the report in Design view, you will see that the mortgage group has the mortgage information plus 3 sub reports.
    I need a way to force Keep Together all the mortgage details; however, I canít set the keep together for the mortgage group because the sub report can be very big.
    However, I need all mortgage details (up to the sub reports) to be together
    (Open the report in Preview and see the bottom of page 7 & top of page 8)

    The next issue is
    All groups on the sub reports are configured to keep together. However, the sub report heading can sometimes start on the bottom of the page. (Open the report in Preview and see the bottom of page 2 & 3)

    Is there a way to tell the computer that if the details donít fit in this page, move the sub report heading to the next page?

    The next one should be easy
    I need an event that follows this.
    If this is the first record then donít force a new page. Else, force new page.
    What function should I use for this?

    I very appreciate any help.

    If anyone can help me with any of the above, I should be able to salve the other issues not listed.

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    Since I didnít receive any response, and I donít know if that means that this is a problem with no solution.
    Is thatís the case, is there any third party software I can buy?

    I would like to mention again, if anyone can please answer at least part of the question, Iíll also very appreciate it.


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