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    Unanswered: Install SQLSERVER

    I have 3 questions on the most eficient install of SQLSERVER

    1.Do i create a specific user for the instance, or do i use the local system

    2.Do i specify a port number ( 1433 ) in the install process , i leave the port number 0.

    3.Do i use the names pipes protocol, my path is
    \programfile\mssql$instance ..

    Please help me.

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    I'll step up and take a shot, but I don't understand the questions very well.

    1) localsystem is an NT pseudo-login, it is not a SQL user. I would recommend using localsystem as the NT login for the SQL Server service unless I had a specific reason to use some other login.

    2) No, do not specify a port number. SQL Server will handle this on its own for new installations. Unless you are doing something very specific and know that you need another port, then you should just use the default.

    3) Avoid using Named Pipes.


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