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    Unanswered: DB2 Password Question -----


    I am DB2 DBA on AIX and Linux(Zlinux) but just newbie. (-.-)

    I knew DB2 uses OS user and password policy. But there 2 question about DB2 user password.


    1. Any restriction about DB2 password? (For example, password length or can't use special symbols (such as @,#,%,! ...)

    2. The username and password length of DB2 Administartor (DAS) were restricted in 8...........Is it right?

    Maybe, many DB2 administrator know my questions. I believe I can get right answers in this forum ^^;

    Have a niceday and give me your kind hands ~~~
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    You are right on AIX the user-name length restriction is 8 characters.

    For the password also the restriction is always OS restriction.
    Db2 doesn't have db user concept,it's always created on OS and maintained by OS.

    So normal OS restrictions are present.

    When determining passwords, consider the following rules:

    A maximum of 14 characters.

    A maximum of 8 characters.

    Windows 32-bit operating systems
    A maximum of 14 characters.
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