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    Unanswered: 0 Remote connections are available - how to force inactive user from db2/vse


    My system
    database: DB2/VSE 7.2,
    operating system VSE/ESA 2.6,
    hardware: S/390

    On my system are some applications in DB2/VSE which don't free up connections, so database has "zombi" database agents. This application connections occupy all available remote connections.

    See the following "frame". Do you notice "0 Remote connections are available"? Do you notice there is no "User ID"?

    User ID:        SQL ID:
    User is inactive.
    0 Remote users are active.
    8 Remote users are inactive.
    17 Agents are available.
    0 Remote connections are available.
    My question: how to force inactive user which does not have UserID?

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