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    Unanswered: Complicated Camera Input

    Hi, im 15 years old, and i really need help with something major. As class representitive i have been asked to design a Picture file database. This process involves getting 150 pupils to line up, and have their photogrpahs taken, though im completely stuck. I have no idea where to start. Somehow I need a system, that when a picture is taken, the picture instantly appears on the database, as a record, and also saving the picture as a file, So i can achieve a browsing system such as the Northwind Smaple Databse, on the Employees Form.

    I already have a system that will let me browse for a picture and then use it. but i really need a system that retrieves the picture straight from the camera and saves it.


    Any help, or gidance would be much appreciated

    Thanks again

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    Easier said than done my young friend, but.....not impossible. For your particular application, I would say that reteiving photo's live (via a webcam for example) would be your best bet.

    As to say..."Please stand in front of the camera", you click a button and the video stream is captured creating a photo which is then is automatically placed into a image control located on a form within your database. Cool...I quess, but a lot of work.

    There are several Windows API functions contained within few Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files which would be required. In particualar (for video viewing and capture) the AVICAP32.DLL file. Also, functions from the USER32.DLL and the KERNAL32.DLL will be required (to start).

    There is a lot of messing around here...I have'nt progmaticly played with video and photo capture for quite some time now, but I do remember the enormous task involved. Unless you can find a ActiveX Control or a DLL file specificly made for your sort of application, you will be in for quite an experience (but a healthy one).

    Now....If you are still interested, I can send you a demo program (source) of video capture (via a webcam) but keep in mind, it was done in VB6. If your VBA programming skills are up to snuff, you won't have a problem making the minor changes to run it in VBA. The demo program (created by: E. J. Bantz Jr.) takes the video stream from your webcam and places it onto the backgound of a Form. You then select Copy from the form's Edit menu to capture whichever frame (video instance) you like. You can then past the image to whatever you like, perhaps Word...or gee, even Access.

    Pretty glum huh....keep your chin up. It would make a great project.

    Good luck.

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