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    Unanswered: Lock escalation....... what does that mean??

    I often see this type of error in the db2adm.nfy file:

    ADM5502W The escalation of "4203" locks on table
    "DB2ADMIN.CASH_HAND_MINE" to lock intent "X" was successful.

    ADM5500W DB2 is performing lock escalation. The total number of locks
    currently held is "4295", and the target number of locks to hold is "2147".

    What does this mean? Do I have locking issues?

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    It means that you are experiencing escalation from row level locks to table level locks, usually because you are running short of storage for locks (locklist parm). You should probably increase your locklist parm, and maybe the maxlocks (the percent of the locklist that can used by any one application before escalation occurs).

    If you don’t have contention (lock timeouts or deadlocks) keep in mind that lock escalation can sometimes be a good thing because DB2 will spend less time locking at the table level than having to lock each individual row.
    M. A. Feldman
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