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    Unanswered: ORA-01403: no data found

    I have a stored procedure that is processing data.

    It has run many times, however we exported and imported to another instance and now when the procedure runs, I get the following error message when it tries to do the fetch.

    ORA-01403: no data found

    I check the cursor it is failing on, and run the SQL statement from the cursor , it returns thousands of records.

    Anybody got any idea what the problem could be?

    I'm running Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production

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    You will never get ORA-01403 (no data found) raised from a cursor, so that isn't where your problem lies. There are 2 possibilities:

    1) (The most common): a "SELECT ... INTO ..." statement that found no rows.

    2) An attempt to access a collection element that was never initialised, e.g.:

    x := my_array(42);

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    It is somehting to do with a difference between the two schemas, I have used the orginal without any problem. I even count the table rows between the two to see if they match, and they do. I'm in the process of doing a schema compare to see the difference. This is totally wierd.

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