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    Unanswered: file operations (Rename)

    is there a way to rename a file using a microdoft access form?
    the rename action in microsoft access only works on access objects, i need to rename a doc file using a access form. Can anyone help?

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    Providing you can supply the accurate path to the file in question (or any file for that matter) then you can use the Name function in VBA (do a search in your Access Help for Name Statement).

    Here is a sample (from Access Help):

    Name Statement Example

    This example uses the Name statement to rename a file. For purposes of this example, assume that the directories or folders that are specified already exist. On the Macintosh, “HD:” is the default drive name and portions of the pathname are separated by colons instead of backslashes.

    Dim OldName, NewName
    OldName = "OLDFILE": NewName = "NEWFILE" ' Define file names.
    Name OldName As NewName ' Rename file.

    OldName = "C:\MYDIR\OLDFILE": NewName = "C:\YOURDIR\NEWFILE"
    Name OldName As NewName ' Move and rename file.

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