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    Exclamation Unanswered: Minimum Number Of Characters

    Ok once again the problem is:

    I have a setup database with keeps a log of all credit Card numbers and I want it to have a minimum amount of characters so if someone types in a number less than 16 numbers:

    msgbox "Sorry but the number you have entered insn't valid!,vbcritical, "Error"

    Thanx in advance
    Hope you can help??

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    Usually you do a lot more than just counting digits. Credit card numbers have various mathematical properties that can be used to detect 'tpyos.'

    I usually program all such record-validation tests in a method that will fire just before the record posts. I usually do not trigger them on-exit from the field. It is nice when the routine checks all of the fields at once for errors, and lists all of the error-messages found.

    Virtually any book covers record validation as one of its main topics.
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