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    Unanswered: help with importing/converting in fmp

    very newbie here. i have an existing sales program someone wrote using "filemaker runtime". it operates on its own, meaning filemaker pro is not needed on the machine. i needed to make the program usable by multiple users on a lan, so i installed fmp on all machines and extracted the data files from the original runtime program. it all works fine, but the data files have the extension ".leg" (??). i have to select "all files" when trying to open them with fmp. can i convert these few data files to a proper fmp extension? if so, how? just changing the extension did not work. thanks a million!

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    Use the Developer Version

    The developer version of FileMaker Pro has a utility to change the names of a file (including extentions) without breaking all the internal links. If you choose to manually rename the files, then you will be asked for each file numerous times...

    If you do not use FMP Developer I could do this for you (free of charge).

    Joe King
    FileMaker Developer's Network

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