Red Earth Technologies announces the release of version 1.5 of Superior SQL Builder, its SQL tool that allows users to build complete SQL scripts without typing any code.

Superior SQL Builder introduces new SQL scripting technology, allowing users to quickly and easily transform their database data. In version 1.5 this scripting technology has been extended and enhanced so that complex SQL scripts can be built in less time and with greater ease.

The major development in version 1.5 has been the simplification of the script building process itself. With a more intuitive interface, the product has strengthened its promise to provide Database Administrators, developers and other IT professionals with a quick and easy method to develop substantial SQL scripts.

Other new features include explicit support for MySQL v4.1, the automation of database connections and the inclusion of many new script templates. This combined with the standard features such as the ability to eliminate

syntax, logic and typographical errors when developing SQL, provides developers with an efficient and effective way to build SQL.

For users wishing to take a step beyond the simple query builder, this product offers a real alternative.

Superior SQL Builder supports MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Superior SQL Builder runs on Windows 98 and above.

A fully functional evaluation version of Superior SQL Builder is available at

Program registration is only US$349.00 and may be processed securely online from the company's web site.