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    Question Unanswered: Creating Controls

    Been pondering this for a while, with little success, I'm hoping someone can help...

    I want to create a gaant chart, in access, and figured tha the easiest thing would be to create a number of rectangle controls on a form, in the neccessary places...

    However, I don't seem to be able to custom name the boxes, which I wnat to be able to do so that I can later delete them all once finished with - any ideas, and while I'm at it, I believe that a form has to be in design mode to create controls, so how would one go about changing a form to design view while creating the controls, and then back to form view when finished???

    Any ideas much appreciated!

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    Save yourself a lot of grief.....Maybe use something like SmartDraw for creating your charts (of any type). SmartDraw fully integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite.

    You can get the details on SmartDraw and a free demo here:

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