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    I have two questions. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I can't find a help forum anyplace nor a way to ask a question. So here goes...

    1. How do I subscribe to a forum (such as Access or Excel)? I've tried to do this from the forum tools drop-down menu. I click on the link on the forum to subscribe. It says it has subscribed me to the forum. But then I can't find the subscribed forum links anyplace. (On the old web site you had a special link for your customized forum links.) I do see a drop-down for subscriptions but it only lists threaded message subscriptions.

    2. When I search often, I get a message that I can only search every 45 seconds. Is this the standard delay between searches? Is there a reason for being set to this delay (bandwidth, etc)?


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    2.consider the ability of the server.

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