Hi All,

I was trying to import a file containing three columns with widths as Integer,Integer,Varchar(200) into a table through control center in DB2 UDB V 8.1. The options I used are Delimited ASCII format, Col delimiter |(pipe).
The Varchar Column is message column and contains dates with format mm-dd-yy. Is the -1 above in the message equal to hyphen&1(-1)(eg 7-10-81) in the date or some thing else? I looked at the message reference. It is as follows.

"In IMPORT or EXPORT, during processing of the SELECT string from
the Action String (e.g. "REPLACE into ...") structure, an SQL
error occurred.

The command cannot be processed.

User Response:

Look at the SQLCODE (message number) in the message for more
information. Make changes and resubmit the command."

But I could not make out of it.

Please suggest me how to overcome the issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.