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    Unanswered: combining tables

    I have created a new table and want to part populate it with data from another table all in the same database. The example is that i want to create a fault report for a certain site, this will be into a new table but to save re-typing all the sites info i want to drag this from another table, and to be able to create a new fault record on the new table using the existing info yet still be able to use the new fields from the new table.


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    I have used this successfully a few times

    Say that one Table is Tenant list
    you want to include tenants details like Ref No. name, address etc with the Amount paid and the Receipt Number for example. This info is stored in another Table using its form called data entries.

    Set up some non visible fields e.g text38, text39...... which have control sources as Reference, surname ........

    On a selected control on the data entries form (e.g. Amount) put in some commands on the Lost Focus (or other) properties such as:

    Text39 = Forms![data entries]![tenant list].Form.Controls!REFERENCE

    Test39 has its control source set to Reference from its form

    Hope this helps.


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