I am using Oracle9i on win2k platform and its a typical data warehouse setup... and issue is as follows:

I have two tables TableA and TableB with 1:M (TableA: TableB) relationship between them. So, for every single row found in TableA, there can be one or more rows found in TableB... There exists columns c1 in TableA and c2 in TableB. Now the issue is - for each insert or update on this column, I need to multiply TableA.c1 * TableB.c2 and store that value so that application reads from this calculated value.

So, we thought of having an MQT around this. But, the issue is we are unable to get this MQT working on a real-time basis i.e unable to define a MQT for On COMMIT clause. Can anyone share some information as to how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.