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    Unanswered: Spliting database tables!!

    Hi there

    I have designed a database application using access 2000 , however I now need to spilt the database into front and back end, however I have do not have the full facility to use the database splitter on the version of wins that I have used for the development work and at the moment can't lay my hands on windows 2000 pro the (full version).

    So I was wandering can I use windows XP database splitter to split the database. does it matter the mix wins 2000 and wins XP.

    Pls can anyone advice me or I'm I missing something ?

    Many Thanks for ur help in advance.

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    You can split it manually. Just create a new, empty database for the front end. Then, import all your forms, reports, queries, and macros into it. Then, in the new database, go to the Tables tab, right click, and choose Link Tables. Then, link all the tables you need. The relationships will carry into the new database. Voila! The users open the front end database and should be able to work just fine. Just make sure they have permission to access the server, drive and folder where the backend is stored.

    BTW, I usually distinguish them by DatabaseName_fe.mdb and DatabaseName_be.mdb.

    And, as always, create a backup of the database before making big changes!

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    Smile Spliting database tables!!

    Hi LisaCrow

    Many Thanks for ur reply to my message. Just saw the reply , no reply came thru my email box .

    Anyway , u have made my day.

    Many Thanks

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