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    Unanswered: Anyone know how to loop through column names

    I am trying to use a script to connect to an access database, take all filed names and create a new mdb with the field names in a column and another column that if the fields in table1 contain nulls or zeros then "N" otherwise "Y". I have quite a few tables with a lot of fields, so i would like to be able to do this without writing out each field name.

    So basically i need to connect to a .mdb, scan through and fetch the field names and put them in field1 in table2. then go back to table one and if there is a 0 or null then assign a N to tables2 in field2 otherwise Y
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    The script below helps you to fetch the fields required.
    use DBI;
    # Connection ADO
    my $dsn = 'Driver={Microsoft Access driver (*.mdb)};dbq=D:\\Folder\\database.mdb';
    my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:ADO:$dsn")
            or die "Impossible connection: $DBI::errstr";
    # Execute simple query on table
    my $sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM table")
            or die "Can't prepare statement: $DBI::errstr";
    my $rc = $sth->execute
            or die "Can't execute statement: $DBI::errstr";
    # fetch result in hash ref
    while ( $ref_hash = $sth->fetchrow_hashref ) {
    # Print the fields
    foreach $key (%$ref_hash) {
             print "$key\n";
    # Deconnection
    $rc  = $dbh->disconnect;
    After, you just have to create your new mdb, and create the table with values fetched.

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