I have a reservation system which contains a record for each room within a year and month. Each record also contains a 1 character alpha field element ,for each day in the month. When I have a booking with a deposit, for that room for a particular day, that element is filled in with a B and when I just have a reservation pending , no deposit received yet that element is filled in with an R. Using the data dependent property for each of the daily elements I have marked the Booking so they show up as green and the reservations show up as red. The ones that do not meet either criteria do not get marked with any color.

When I view the table it works great, but when I try to create a form to show the table, the data dependent property does not show up, that is everything remains the same color (black on white). The form itself does not let you change the data dependent to the same as the table. Does anybody know how to do this?

Thanks in advance